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Kitt Holland, 18, of Naples, stands next to what is left of his 1992 Ford Explorer, trying to reach his parents after East Naples Fire Department extinguishes a fire that engulfed the engine of his car in a parking lot between U.S. 41 and Davis Boulevard in Naples on Thursday morning. Holland, a student at International College majoring in computer technologies, was on his way to purchase a new car when smoke began to come from under his car's hood. After he pulled over, the car burst into flames. "I don't think I'll get much of a trade-in now," Holland said. "I even still have the Auto Shopper still on my front seat." Holland, who works for Naples Technologies, plans on taking the weekend to continue to look for a new car. Erik Kellar/Staff .ek Avid Perez, left, a firefighter with East Naples Fire Department, suits up to fight a blaze that engulfs a 1992 Ford Explorer owned by Kitt Holland in Naples on Thursday morning. The cause of the fire is being blamed on engine mechanical failure according to Lt. John Obst of the East Naples Fire Department.